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World Anaesthesia- Anaesthesia tutorial of the week


Please note that two tutorials recently published on this website (ATOTW 266 and 267, Rheumatoid Arthritis and the Anaesthetist Parts 1 and 2) have been withdrawn due to plagiarism issues. Whilst pieces submitted to ATOTW inevitably draw from existing published work, wholesale plagiarism is unacceptable. Reproduction of text or illustrations from pre-existing published work must be with consent from the copyright holder, and should clearly credit the source. Potential authors may wish to note that we will be routinely using anti-plagiarism software on all future submissions.

Anaesthesia tutorial of the week- 22nd September 2014

The Unstable Cervical Spine


 are proud to be working with the World Anaesthesia Society and the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists.

Welcome to Anaesthesia tutorial of the week, a weekly web-based tutorial run by the World Anaesthesia Society.  Our aim is to support anaesthesia training, particularly  in the developing world where access to anaesthesia education is often limited.  Anyone however, is welcome to use our materials.  You may either view Tutorials on line, or receive them by email.  If you wish to receive email, please send your details (name, hospital, country and email address to

If you would like to contribute a Tutorial  to TOTW , please contact who will arrange contact with the editor for the particular area covered by your suggestion.  All Tutorials will be peer reviewed by at least one expert.

Once a Tutorial has appeared on the website, it may be downloaded by checking through our archive. TOTW will cover a number of topics, and will be presented in a variety of styles.  We are publishing to present a learning package that is practical for all readers. Topics are divided into (general anaesthesia, obstetrics, paediatrics, regional, intensive care and basic science).  Suggestions for topics are welcome.

TOTW on your handheld

All of the tutorials may be downloaded in pdf format (see link at the bottom of each tutorial). You may transfer these pdf files to your handheld and thus view the TOTW on the move. Download and install Adobe's free software which allows you to view any pdf files on a Palm or Pocket PC handheld. Then save the TOTW pdf to your computer and transfer the file onto your handheld using the Adobe software. Click here to download the free Adobe software.

TOTW archive

Click here to access our TOTW archive After the TOTW has been displayed on this resource, it will be stored on our archive page for your reference. This page will thus always provide the latest TOTW.

Tutorial of the Week is being developed by our Editorial Board.

Anaesthesia TOTW Editorial Board

•Rebecca Appelboam (UK)
•Helen Bromhead (UK)
•Lesley Bromley (UK)
•Gillian Foxall (UK)
•Carl Gwinnutt (UK)
•Richard Hughes (UK) [Co-ordinating Editor]
•Mark Human (UK)
•Ian Johnston (UK)
•Gerry Lynch (UK)
•Bruce McCormick (UK)
•Nolan McDonnell (Australia)
•Michael Neil (UK)
•Andrew Pittaway (USA)
•Fleur Roberts (UK).
•Nicki Ross (UK)
•Matthew Rucklidge (UK)
•Kim Russon (UK)
•Isabeau Walker (UK)
•Katrina Webster (Australia)
•Kate Wilson (UK)
•Iain Wilson (UK) [Editor-in-Chief]


World Anaesthesia Society Mission Statement

The society aims to:

 Support anaesthesia in the developing world through appropriate training, material and equipment
 Promote the education of anaesthetists in less affluent environments
 Act as an advocate in dealings with governments and agencies involved in anaesthesia and resuscitation overseas
 Maintain a network of appropriately trained and experienced anaesthetists in order to assist members and advise those intending to work in the developing world

 A word from the President of the WFSA



AnaesthesiaUK and World Anaesthesia offer you Tutorial of the Week

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