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Primary Viva 13 (Physics)

Created: 9/11/2004

1. How is pressure measured?

2. Name the various units of pressure, and explain how they are related.

3. What is a Pascal?

4. What is a bar?

5. What is an atmosphere and what does it convert to in mmHg?

6. What is the gas pressure found in cylinders of O2 and N2O?

7. What is a Bourdon gauge, and how does it work? You are shown a picture of a Bourdon gauge: describe its component parts.

8. In the operating theatre, when are the principles of vacuum suction and scavenging used?

9. Why is scavenging important, and what are the effects of methionine synthase on bone marrow?

10. What are the safe limits of waste gases in the operating theatre?

11. How can levels of pollution in the operating theatre be reduced?

12. What is a transducer, and when might this be used in clinical practice?

13. What other methods are available for measuring blood pressure?

14. Discuss the technique of direct arterial monitoring; how does it work? What piece of equipment can be found in the detection part of the arterial pressure transducer?

15. Draw and explain the principle behind the Wheatstone bridge. Explain how this translates to an image on a cathode ray oscilloscope screen

16. Explain the concepts of resonance and damping. You are shown graphs of different waveforms; explain what you see - are they over- or under-damped?

17. How is an arterial monitor calibrated?

18. Why is there a need for a three-point calibration?

19. You are shown a graph of a calibration error; explain what is happening

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