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Created: 2/4/2004


  • What are the anaesthetic problems caused by morbid obesity?
  • How would you prevent awareness under general anaesthesia?
  • What are the advantages and limitations of the laryngeal mask airway?
  • Under what circumstances should general anaesthesia for elective cases be postponed and why?
  • What are the causes and management of hypoventilation immediately following anaesthesia?
  • List the causes and briefly give the management of tachycardia in an adult during general anaesthesia.
  • What are the causes and management of circulatory collapse at induction of anaesthesia?

  • What is the pathophysiology of malignant hyperthermia? How would you investigate it?

  • What factors do you consider important in selection of day case patients?
  • How does the presence of aortic stenosis affect the management of anaesthesia?
  • A houseman informs you that a patient's arterial pressure is raised before surgery; describe your management. 
  • What is the significance of preoperative jaundice?
  • Describe the anaesthetic management of: perforating eye injury with full stomach; a child requiring reoperation for bleeding tonsil; infected molar tooth causing trismus;  pyloric stenosis. Describe the pathophysiological processes of pre-eclamptic toxaemia of pregnancy.
  • Describe the circle system for anaesthesia.
  • What features of an anaesthetic machine minimise the risk of delivering hypoxic gas mixtures? 

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