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Created: 2/4/2004
  • Describe the place of local analgesic nerve blocks during anaesthesia for cholecystectomy.
  • How would you undertake ankle block for surgery of the foot?
  • Describe the anatomy of the caudal space. What are the indications for analgesia administered by this route? 
  • Describe the anatomy of the inguinal canal and describe a technique for local anaesthesia for herniorrhaphy (excluding extradural/spinal blockade).
  • Describe the anatomy of the diaphragm. Which factors in anaesthetic practice affect its function? 
  • Describe the anatomy of the first rib. Outline the technique for subclavian vein catheterisation.
  • Describe the anatomy of the 9th intercostal nerve. What complications may arise following intercostal nerve block? 
  • Describe the prevention and treatment of the main complications of extradural analgesia using local analgesia.
  • Describe the complications and technique for stellate ganglion block.

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