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Created: 29/6/2004
  • What is meant by 'oxygen flux'? What factors affect it and what therapeutic measures increase it? 
  • What are the adverse effects of intermittent positive pressure ventilation? How would you minimise them?
  • Describe the endocrine and metabolic responses to major surgery. How does anaesthesia affect them?
  • What is physiological dead space? What factors affect it? 
  • What mechanisms are involved in anaphylactic reactions? How would you manage a patient showing signs of such a reaction? 
  • How does the physiology of children aged 1 year differ from that of adults? 
  • What factors affect cerebral blood flow? Briefly state their importance in relation to anaesthesia within 12 hours of head injury.
  • Describe the physiological effects of hypercarbia.
  • Describe the conducting system of the heart. How may abnormalities of cardiac conduction be revealed by the electrocardiogram? 
  • What are the causes and effects of hypothermia? 

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