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Intensive care

Created: 13/4/2004
  • Describe the immediate resuscitation of a patient admitted to A&E following a fall from a 20 ft ladder.
  • What forms of ventilatory support are used for patients undergoing mechanical ventilation?
  • What methods of sedation of patients undergoing mechanical ventilation are available in the intensive care unit (ICU)?
  • What factors affect the ablility to wean patients from mechanical ventilation?
  • Describe the criteria and methods to wean such patients from mechanical support.
  • Discuss the diagnosis for brain death.
  • Discuss the management of a patient admitted to the ICU with: acute severe asthma; severe burns; septicaemia; Guillain Barre.
  • Discuss the differential diagnosis of stridor in a 3-year-old child.
  • What information can be measured or derived from a successfully placed multilumen PA catheter?
  • Describe the alternatives to donor blood transfusion.
  • What pathophysiological processes are involved in patients who develop acute respiratory distress syndrome?

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