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Irish Syllabus: Anatomy & statistics

Created: 13/4/2004

Surface anatomy:

Structures in the antecubital fossa
Identifying the brachial plexus
Structures in the axilla
Large veins and other  structures in anterior triangle of neck
Large veins of leg and structures in femoral triangle
Arteries of arm and leg

Landmarks for tracheostomy, cricothyrotomy, chest drain
Abdominal wall and inguinal region
Landmarks for suprapubic urinary and peritoneal lavage catheters

Spinal nerves and dermatomes
Brachial plexus and nerves of the arm

Intercostal nerves
Nerves of the abdominal wall
Nerves of the leg and foot
Heart; chambers, valves, conducting system, blood and nerve supply

Great vessels
Main peripheral arteries and veins
Autonomic nervous system
Sympathetic innervation
Sympathetic chain, ganglia & plexuses
Stellate ganglion
Parasympathetic innervation

Cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
Sacrum and sacral hiatus
Ligaments of vertebral column
Surface anatomy of vertebral spaces
Length of cord in adult and child
Mouth, nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea and main bronchi, segmental bronchi, structure of bronchial tree; differences in child
Blood supply, innervation and lymphatic drainage of airway and respiratory tract
Mediastinum and its contents
Lungs and lobes; gross
Microstructure of lungs
Diaphragm and other muscles of respiration, including innervation

Thoracic inlet and 1st rib
Interpretation of normal chest X-ray

Brain and subdivisions
CSF origin, circulation and reabsorption
Spinal meninges
Subarachnoid and extradural spaces
Contents of extradural space

Spinal cord structure and pathways
Cranial nerves
Base of skull
Trigeminal ganglion
Interpretation of X-yays, CT scans and MRI scans of head and neck, both normal and showing gross abnormality, e.g. fracture, haemorrhage

The eye and orbit


Types of data and their handling
Measures of central tendency and dispersion
The Normal distribution
Probability theory and confidence lintervals

Null hypothesis
Simple parametric and non-parametric tests
Choice of appropriate test
Type I and type II errors

Aspects of study design
Definition of outcome: methods and uncertainty of measurement
Basic concepts of evidence-based medicine and meta-analysis
Foetal and materno-foetal circulation
Maternal anatomic changes during pregnancy

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