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Abstract summariesWelcome to our Journal Alerting section. We have set up this journal section of the site to bring you summaries of useful recently published papers. It may help you to keep up-to-date without having to read through all the medical literature. Just revisit this page which will be updated monthly.

In most cases, you will find a link to PubMed (MEDLINE) for each summary if you would like to read more. If the article is quite recent then sometimes the link takes some weeks to appear.

Each month, we will add summaries of abstracts from various journals. This page only displays the latest month of articles or your search results. If you would like to search the database (to view previous article summaries) then use the search box below to specify a date range or subject area.

Have you seen any recent abstracts that you think should be included here? Please let us know by emailing via our contact form.

Journal round up by Dr Sumit Das BSc FRCA

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Perioperative psychotherapy for persistent post-surgical pain and physical impairment: a meta-analysis of randomised trials
Br J Anaesth 2018; 120: 1304-14

A review of the safety and efficacy of inhaled methoxyflurane as an analgesic for outpatient procedures
Br J Anaesth 2018; 120: 1040-8


Systematic review of the neurocognitive outcomes used in studies of paediatric anaesthesia neurotoxicity
Br J Anaesth 2018; 120: 1255-73

Does intranasal dexmedetomidine provide adequate plasma concentrations for sedation in children: a pharmacokinetic study
Br J Anaesth 2018; 120: 1056-65


Optimisation of the dosage of tranexamic acid in trauma patients with population pharmacokinetic analysis
Anaesthesia 2018; 73: 719-29

Systematic review of benefits or harms of routine anaesthetist-inserted throat packs in adults: practice recommendations for inserting and counting throat packs
Anaesthesia 2018; 73: 535–8


Comparison of rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade in second trimester pregnant women and non-pregnant women
Int J Obstet Anesth 2018; 34: 10-14.

A triple-blind, placebo-controlled randomised trial of the ilioinguinal-transversus abdominis plane (I-TAP) nerve block for elective caesarean section
Anaesthesia 2018; 73: 594-602

Intensive Care

Prospective study of device-related complications in intensive care unit detected by virtual autopsy
Br J Anaesth 2018; 120: 1229-36

Reversal of dabigatran by intraosseous or intravenous idarucizumab in a porcine polytrauma model
Br J Anaesth 2018; 120: 978-87


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