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European Diploma in Anaesthesiology

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The European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care examination (EDA) is a multilingual, end-of-training, two-part examination covering the relevant basic sciences and clinical subjects appropriate for a specialist anaesthesiologist.

The existence of a supra-national examination in anaesthesiology provides an incentive for the development of departmental, university, national and European training programmes. The aim of the examination is to achieve a uniformly high standard of knowledge by anaesthesiologists throughout Europe as judged by an independent Board of Examiners.

The EDA consists of two mandatory components (Part I & Part II) with the third component, the In-Training Assessment (ITA), being optional.

In-Training Assessment (ITA) – (optional)
Part I examination – written (mandatory)
Part II examination – oral (mandatory)

Diploma recipients are invited to attend the Euroanaesthesia Awards Ceremony where the diplomas are presented and are also entitled to a reduced registration fee to attend the Euroanaesthesia meeting if they wish.

Recommended reading list for EDA

For more information regarding the EDA click here
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