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Final FRCA CRQ Guide

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SAQ Introduction

Dr James Shorthouse MBBS BSc (Hons) FRCA

 Final FRCA SAQ Guide

The Final FRCA Written examination is mapped to the intermediate level of the UK anaesthetic training curriculum. It has two parts, which are sat on the same day - the Final FRCA Constructed Response Question (CRQ) examination and the Final FRCA Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination.

Structure of the Final Written examination

The Final FRCA CRQ 

A three hour examination in which candidates provide a written response to 12 constructed response questions.

The CRQ examination assesses the mandatory areas of the UK training curriculum. These areas may appear as stand-alone questions or as part of a question, for example pain management within a perioperative case.

In addition to specific knowledge-based competences, examination material may be developed from guidance or recommendations published by healthcare organisations such as the RCoA, AAGBI, NCEPOD, NICE, SIGN, NPSA, CEMACH. 

Candidates must attempt all 12 questions. If one or more questions is not attempted, a candidate will fail.

Changes to the CRQ paper. The March 2020 paper contained only CRQ format questions. These questions are designed to assess a candidate's ability to think critically and prioritise information. This is assessed in the way the questions are answered and marked. 


- The CEACCP articles (BJA publication)
- BJA Review Articles
- Anaesthesia Review Articles
- NICE guidelines
- NPSA guidelines
- NCEPOD Reports
- RCOA publications
- Association of Anaesthetists guidelines
- British Pain Society guidelines
- Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists guidelines
- Update in Anaesthesia
- Instant Anatomy
- New York School of Regional Anaesthesia

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