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How to use the search facility

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This article will discuss how to use the search tool on the AnaesthesiaUK site and what features it offers. It aims to help you get the most out of the search facility and find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently over a number of sites.

The AnaesthesiaUK search tool uses the latest spider technology to index all the information on the site. It also has the ability to search other anaesthetic sites and integrate these results into your search results (advanced search). This means that you will be able to increase the scope of your search across a number of sites.

How to perform a simple search

You will see that there is a search box at the top of every page of the AnaesthesiaUK site.

Search box on the top of each page

You can simply type in your search term into the box and either press return or click the search button. Your search results will then be presented as a list with title and summary that is further split into groups of ten on each page. You will see the total number of results at the top of the screen to give you an indication of how many pages there are. The results are listed in relevancy order with the most relevant occurring at the top of the page (relevancy is depicted by between one and five stars). You can switch the search results to be listed in date order if necessary by pressing the date link. The following image shows all these features.

Search results page

When you click on a link you will see that your search term is highlighted in the text of the page for ease of viewing. If you then click back you will see your search list again.

Highlighted words

What does advanced search do?

Advanced search allows you to perform more complex searches and have more control over the results. You can filter the results using the following terms which will need to be defined.

Any word: this will search for articles with any word contained in the search terms.

All words: this will search for articles which have all the words but not necessarily together.

Exact Phrase: this will search for the exact phrase only.

Boolean: Finds a structured group of words or phrases linked by AND, or NOT (advanced).

External sites

By ticking the box above which says "search external sites", the sites listed below will be searched in addition to the AnaesthesiaUK site. You will notice that the search will take slightly longer than before as it is looking through much more data.

Searching external sites

  • The Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook
  • qldanaesthesia
  • GasNet
  • World Anaesthesia Online

You will see different icons attached to the search results which define which content type it relates to. The images below show this in more detail:

Key to search icons

Again, when you click to view the external site, you will see that the search terms are highlighted in yellow. External site results will open in a new window which is slightly different to internal sites.

External site result (GasNet)
We hope this article helps you to utilise the search facility on the AnaesthesiaUK site to the best of your advantage and enables you to find the appropriate information easily. If you feel there are any further sites that should be added to our search then please contact us.

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