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How to get the best out of the interactive FRCA examination section

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This article will explain how to get the most out of using the interactive examination section of AnaesthesiaUK. It will explain how the system works and what is required in order to gain Royal College of Anaesthesia continuing professional development (CPD) points.

1. In order to access the interactive FRCA examination section of the site you will need to be a registered user of the site. There are two places to register depending on whether you are from the United Kingdom/Ireland or from Overseas. The pages are as follows:

2. Once you are registered you will need to login to the site using the username and password that you chose during the registration process. You can login from the homepage (as shown below) or by clicking on the exam home link on the left vertical menu.

Figure 1: homepage login box
Home page FRCA login box

Figure 2: interactive examination link on menu
Exam home link

3. Once you have logged into the examination centre you will see that it is split into three main sections of questions.

  • Primary FRCA
  • Final FRCA
  • US Board
The examinations are listed under these categories. For each examination you will see a title, a date, a status, a score, an average and a print function. Before you have taken an examination it will say “Not Taken”, then “In Progress” when you are taking it and finally “Completed” once finished. You will see that your personal score will only appear once you have completed the examination. You can compare your score against the average of others who have also taken the examination (only UK trainees’ marks will affect the average score).

If you score more than 40% on a first sitting (this score takes negative marking into account) then you will be eligible for an accredited Royal College of Anaesthetists CPD certificate. You can print these out at any time in the future by clicking the link (as shown below). The Royal College have stipulated that you may only get 10 points per year via the interactive examinations on AnaesthesiaUK. Therefore, once you have reached 10 points (10 certificates) in one year no further certificates will be added to the list. Each year will run from January to December. You will only be eligible for a certificate the first time that you take and exam and not from a retake.

Once you have completed an interactive examination you may use the print function to view your personalised exam and print out a hard copy if necessary.

Figure 3: Screenshot of the interactive examination list
Shot of interactive FRCA exam list

Figure 4: Link to CPD certificates

Once you have completed an examination you may retake it for further practice if you require. There are some points to note about retaking an examination: 

  • Your score will not affect the average. This stops people from affecting the average by improving each time they take the exam. 
  • You cannot gain CPD points from a retake even if you gain over 40%. 
  • Your old examination scores will be overwritten with your retake. This applies to the print function as well.
Some additional points about taking an interactive examination that are important: 

  • You cannot go back to a question previously taken in an examination (wait until you have finished and use the print function). 
  • You can start and stop the examination at any time as the system will remember where you are. 
  • Question alert icon!There will always be disagreement on some questions that are ambiguous (you even find textbooks disagreeing!). If there are questions like this we have flagged these with an alert icon.
We hope that you find the interactive examinations helpful to your revision. Whilst they should not form the whole basis of your FRCA revision, we urge you to complete as many as possible as the more questions you can do the more chance you have of passing when it comes to the real FRCA examination.

Good luck!

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