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Primary Viva 3 (Pharmacology)

Created: 14/9/2004


1. Isomers

– What is the definition and classification of isomers?
– Give an example of a structural isomer.
– In the case of the example above, draw both isomers and state their physical properties (effects on boiling point (bp), saturated vapour pressure [SVP] and minimal alveolar concentration [MAC]).
– What is the relationship between bp and SVP?
– What is the bp/SVP of ether and methoxyflurane?
– Give a definition of stereoisomers and tautomers, and give examples of each.

2. Opioid receptors

– What is the classification, action and distribution of each type of receptor?
– How do specific agonists work at each receptor?
– How do opioids work at a molecular level?
– How does nalbuphine act?
– What is your favourite opioid? Discuss this in further detail.
– Why do morphine, fentanyl and alfentanil have such different onset times and durations of action?
– What is the significance of their volumes of distribution?

You may like to read more about opioids by clicking here.


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