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Primary Viva 4 (Pharmacology)

Created: 14/9/2004

1. How do drugs work?

2. Define a ligand.

3. What is the natural ligand for adrenoceptors?

4. Sketch the shape of dose–response and log dose–response curves.

5. What is potency and ED50? Sketch the dose–response curves of a drug plus a less potent and less efficacious drug and show the effects of competitive and non-competitive antagonists.

6. Draw the structures of propofol and thiopentone.

7. What properties does the S atom confer to thiopentone? What molecule is formed when the S atom is replaced by an O atom?

8. Describe the pharmacodynamic differences between propofol and thiopentone.

9. Where in the central nervous system do propofol and thiopentone act?

10. Discuss anticholinesterase inhibitors. What uses do they have in clinical practice? Besides anaesthesia, how else are they used?

11. Draw a schematic diagram of the anticholinesterase enzyme. Point out the two binding sites. What are they called?

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