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Primary Viva 6 (Physics)

Created: 14/9/2004

You are shown photos of Venturi masks by the examiner.


1. Discuss the Bernoulli principle, Venturi effect and entrainment ratio.

2. Give a value for the entrainment ratio in Venturi masks.

3. What type of oxygen delivery device do they provide?

4. When would you use one?

5. What other devices use the Venturi effect?

6. What is the Coanda effect?

7. Can you name the ventilator in which it is used?

8. How can you tell how much N2O is in a cylinder?

9. If you were using 4 L O2/min, how long would it last?

10. What is a mole?

11. Is a mole an SI unit?

12. What is Avogadro’s number?

13. What volume does one mole of gas occupy at standard temperature and pressure (STP)?

14. Define critical temperature and pseudocritical temperature.

15. In a cylinder of Entonox, below its pseudocritical temperature, what is the nature of the gas which is released initially?

16. Define tare and filling ratio.

17. Are there any other safety mechanisms on a nitrous oxide cylinder which is to be used in the tropics?

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