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Primary OSCE 19

Created: 7/9/2004

1. Humidity
- What is a Regnault's hygrometer?
- Where is it used and what is it used for?

2. Coronary circulation
Describe the course of the vagus nerve.

3. Microshock
- What do you understand by the term "earth"?
- You are shown a list of electrical symbols and asked to identify them

4. History taking
a. Take a history from a patient with a family history of malignant hyperthermia.

b. Take a history from a patient who may have had suxamethonium apnoea following a previous operation.

5. Resuscitation of a pregnant woman
- You are asked to identify the rhythm (shows ventricular fibrillation)
- You are asked to fill in boxes concerning the management of this patient

6. Data Interpretation
Head CT: Describe the radiological findings
- ECG: Describe the condition shown

7. Data Interpretation
You are asked about the measurement of blood gased for hypothermia and carbon mnoxide (CO) poisoning .

8. Machine check 
Check a Bain circuit which is faulty.

9. Intubation drill 
Explain the intubation drill to a novice anaesthetist.  

10. Clinical
- Examine the chest of a patient with chronic obstructive airways disease
- What precautions would you take when anaesthetising this patient?

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