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Guidelines for autologous blood transfusion

Created: 13/4/2004
Updated: 30/7/2009

Guidelines for Autologous Blood Transfusion (British Committee for Standards in Haematology Blood Transfusion Task Force 1997)

Intraoperative cell savage

Indicated in elective and emergency surgery with expected blood loss >20% total body volume. Contraindicated in bacterial contamination of wound, patients with malignant disease and patients with sickle cell disease.

Acute preoperative haemodilution and preoperative donation

Indicated in elective surgery with expected blood loss>20% total body volume. Contraindicated in patients with aortic stenosis, unstable angina and moderate left ventricular impairment.


i] Guidelines for autologous transfusion. II. Perioperative haemodilution and cell salvage. British Committee for Standards in Haematology Blood Transfusion Task Force. Autologous Transfusion Working Party. Napier JA et al.
Br J Anaesth 1997; 78(6): 768-71.


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