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Primary Viva 12 (Physics)

Created: 9/11/2004

1. How would you measure the concentration of oxygen in a gas mixture? Discussion to include the following:

- Fuel cells
- Clark electrode
- Paramagnetic analysers
- Gas chromatography
- Mass spectroscopy

2. What are their principles of action and their drawbacks?

3. What could interfere with their function?

4. You are shown an 18G venflon, a Tuohy needle, and a Whitacre and a Sprotte needle; choose one of these and talk about it.

5.  What is the difference between the Whitacre and Sprotte  spinal needles, and what is the significance of this difference?

6. What types of needles are used for nerve block?

7. Discuss the measurement and units of pressure and partial pressure

8. Discuss the properties and use of mercury manometers

9. Discuss blood pressure measurement and transducers

10. What is the Bourdon gauge?

11. Discuss the interpretation of exponential curves and the significance of half (t1/2) time constants

12. Discuss the use of vaporisers, with particular reference to desflurane

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