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Primary Viva 12 (Pharmacology)

Created: 14/9/2004

1. Classify the neuromuscular blockers

2. Classify the non-depolarising neuromuscular blockers

3. How are the non-depolarising neuromuscular blockers metabolised?

4. Describe the metabolism of each of the neuromuscular blockers; what are the relative percentages excreted by the liver and the kidney?

5. How is atracurium metabolised?

6. What is Hoffman’s degradation?

7. What are the advantages of atracurium?

8. Which muscle relaxant would you use in myasthenia gravis and at what dose?

9. How would you assess the blockade?

10. How is mivacurium metabolised?

11. What are the disadvantages of mivacurium?

12. How can the effects of mivacurium be reversed?

13. How does neostigmine work?

14. What are benzodiazepines?

15. Classify the benzodiazepines, giving examples

16. Describe the various effects of benzodiazepines

17. Describe the mechanism of action of the benzodiazepines

18. Describe the subtypes of GABA receptors and the mechanisms associated with them

19. How are the benzodiazepines metabolised?

20. What is the enterohepatic circulation?

21. What are the advantages of midazolam?

22. What are the principles of treating benzodiazepine poisoning?

23. Name a specific antidote for benzodiazepine overdose

24. What is the mechanism of action and half-life of flumazenil?

25. Describe the various uses of benzodiazepines

26. Explain how antiarrhythmic agents are classified

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