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Final clinical short case 12

Created: 30/11/2004

1. Discuss the management of a 45-year-old female presenting with a perforated appendix and a blood glucose level of 23 mmol/L. She has been unwell for a week, and the surgeons want to take her to theatre as quickly as possible.

2. How would you manage an unanticipated difficult airway? Compare your management to the situation where a difficulty is expected.

3. How would you manage an elderly patient presenting for a quick excision biopsy of a lump in his throat? You notice that he is quite hoarse when you see him.

4. How would you manage a primiparous woman, presenting for a Caesarean section, who is short of breath at rest? You notice that her booking blood pressure was at least 20 mmHg lower than its present value.

5. What neurosurgical complications do you know of? Select one complication and describe how you would manage it.

6. A 10-week-old female infant weighing 3.5 kg is scheduled for inguinal hernia repair. She was delivered prematurely at 34 weeks. List the risk factors and state how these can be minimised.

7. Discuss the perioperative management of a young patient undergoing removal of a phaeochromocytoma.

8. How would you manage a patient with 45% burns and smoke inhalation postoperatively on the intensive care unit?


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