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Oral case 52

Created: 5/10/2004


A 28-year old gravida 1 female becomes hypotensive and cyanotic immediately after a severe contraction.

1. What is your differential diagnosis?

2. What is your management?

3. The obstetrician wants to do an immediate cesarean section. What is your plan?

Masseter spasm

A patient develops masseter spasm after receiving succinylcholine for a rapid sequence induction. You are unable to open the jaw.

1. What do you do?

2. When you finally are able to insert the laryngoscope, there are gastric contents in the pharynx, spilling through the glottis. What do you do?

Therapy of pancreatic cancer pain

A 63-year old man with pancreatic cancer is referred to your pain clinic for treatment of severe abdominal and back pain.

1. How do you plan to treat him?

2. Would you do a block with local anesthetic before using a neurolytic agent?

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