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Oral case 56

Created: 5/10/2004

Obstetrical anesthesia

A patient had a vaginal delivery under spinal anesthesia.

1. She has the acute onset of severe chest pain. What is your differential diagnosis?

2. Blood pressure is 70/50 mmHg, and pulse is 110 bpm. What is your immediate management?

Management of reflex sympathetic dystrophy

A 67-year old woman with chronic pain in her hand following a forearm fracture is referred to you.

1. How will you evaluate her?

2. What are your expected physical findings?

3. How will you manage this patient?

4. How does a stellate ganglion block work in this condition?

Preoperative Evaluations

An ASA I patient is scheduled for elective outpatient surgery. What are the most common conditions found at preoperative evaluation, that change the anesthesia plans?

Anesthesia plans could be altered in twenty percent of all patients, including ASA I and ASA II patients, due to factors discovered at the time of preoperative evaluation. The most common conditions that altered care were insulin-dependent diabetes, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux, and probable difficult airway.

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