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Oral case 79

Created: 11/10/2004


A patient asks your advice on natural childbirth vs continuous epidural.

1. What is your reply?

2. What are the effects of each on the mother and the fetus?

3. The patient has preeclampsia. Does this influence your reply?

Anesthesia for laser surgery of the airway

1. How does this kind of case differ from routine laryngoscopy?

2. List possible anesthetic techniques.

3. Discuss your management if a fire was to occur in the airway intraoperatively.

Pharmacology of calcium-channel blockers

1. Compare calcium-channel blockers with beta-blockers.

2. Compare each when used for supraventricular tachycardia.

3. Compare each when used for angina.

4. Compare each when used for hypertension.

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