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Oral case 106

Created: 19/1/2005

Obstetrics: pre-eclamptic for emergency cesarean section for fetal distress

An epidural catheter has been used during labor.

1. Would you use this for cesarean section?

2. There is no epidural in place. Would you use regional or general anesthesia? Describe advantages and disadvantages for each.

3. What are your resuscitation priorities for an infant upon delivery, if the 1-minute Apgar is 2 and the heart rate is 60 bpm?

Pain therapy - phantom limb pain

1. A 56-year-old man is referred to your pain clinic because of persistent phantom limb pain 3 weeks after a mid-thigh amputation.

1. What is your management?

Intensive care unit: acute increase in peak inspiratory pressures

You are called into the intensive care unit because an intubated patient with a diagnosis of lobar pneumonia has an acute increase of peak airway pressure from 23 cmH2O to 50 cm H2O.

1. What is your differential diagnosis?

2. What steps would you take in establishing a diagnosis?

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