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Prevention of perioperative hypothermia

Created: 22/1/2005
Updated: 26/11/2008

Warming units

Bair Hugger therapy was the first forced-air warming product-line introduced and it remains the market leader today. Forced-air warming therapy is now the standard choice for preventing hypothermia and the Bair Hugger Models 505 & 750 provide safe, quiet, and effective warming for patients.

Bair Hugger

The standard of excellence in forced air warming units, the Bair Hugger Model 505 provides safe, quiet and effective warming to patients around the world.


  • Small size frees up usable workspace
  • Lightweight for easy transportation and set-up
  • Freestanding or easily attached to IV pole or bedrail
  • Unique snap-fit hose swivels at three points for easy blanket attachment and positioning
  • Compatible with 241 fluid warming set providing two warming therapies in one


Warming blankets

Bair Hugger blankets are designed to efficiently and safely warm and comfort patients when used with Bair Hugger warming units. We offer a wide variety of warming blanket styles to meet virtually every need for preventing and treating hypothermia.


Warming blanket

Blood/Fluid warming system

The first blood / fluid warming system that adapts instantly to all your warming needs. The Ranger™ offers high performance, economy, flexibility and ease of use


Blood/Fluid warming system

Ecotherm Passive Insulators

The Ecotherm range of products are passive insulators, that work by preventing heat loss due to radiation and convection, which accounts for up to 90% of heat loss during surgery.

This range consists of sheets, jackets, hats, leggings and outfits for patient protection against corporeal heat loss. The Ecotherm range is effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

The whole Ecotherm range is manufactured from a reflective plastic film (EVA) bonded with a soft, but very strong non-woven fabric. Which has the following characteristics:

  • Robust – Will not tear easily
  • Non-conductive and radio transparent – Can be used with diathermy/ image intensifiers and x-ray
  • Environmentally Friendly – The product is disposed of by incineration, producing a bi-product of only carbon dioxide and water.










Ecotherm Passive Insulators

NICE Guidelines: 23rd April 2008

Click here for 'Perioperative hypothermia (inadvertant): full guideline

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