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Oral case 124

Created: 3/2/2005

Unstable cervical spine

A 20-year old male with an unstable C4 cervical fracture presents for cervical fusion.

1. What do you tell the patient on the night before surgery?

2. How would you manage induction and intubation?

Obstetrics- third trimester bleeding

A 28-year old woman at 36 weeks gestation presents with heavy vaginal bleeding.

1. What is your differential diagnosis?

2. How do you assess fetal well-being?

3. What is the management of anesthesia for emergency cesarean section?

Oxygen monitoring

1. What do you feel are the minimum requirements for measuring oxygen availability during anesthesia?

2. Where would you measure FIO2?

3. Does a pulse oximeter preclude the need for arterial blood gas measurement?

4. If you have mass spectrometry or capnograph available, is a pulse oximeter still necessary?

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