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Oral case 134

Created: 4/3/2005

Obstetric anesthesia

A 28-year old parturient with insulin-dependent diabetes is scheduled for elective cesarean section. Morning glucose is 190 mg/dL.

1. Is this hazardous to the fetus?

2. Should this be treated preoperatively? Explain.

3. Does the presence of hyperglycemia influence your anesthetic technique? Explain.

Pacemaker insertion

During pacemaker insertion and monitored anesthesia care, the patient's heart rate slows to 32 bpm, and he then becomes unconscious.

1. What is your management?

2. What are indications for temporary pacemaker insertion preoperatively?

Chronic pain therapy- herpes zoster

A 75-year old woman with herpes zoster of the right side of the face is referred to you for pain treatment.

1. How will you evaluate and treat her?

2. She has thoracic lesions. What is your treatment?

3. Will pain relief influence the course of her infection and neuralgia?

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