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Oral case 140

Created: 4/3/2005

Post-operative jaundice

You receive a call from an internist regarding a patient who received general anesthesia from you two weeks ago. The patient is now jaundiced, and he asks if it is secondary to the anesthetic given.

1. Your response?

2. What specific information would you want?

3. What is your differential diagnosis?

Intensive care unit- weaning from the ventilator

A 30-year old woman with Guillian-Barre syndrome has been ventilator-dependent for thirty days, but is now improving and gaining strength.

1. What criteria do you have to make the decision whether to begin weaning from the ventilator?

2. Is intermittent mandatory ventilation an appropriate modality for weaning? Explain.

Post-operative apnea

During a one hour and thirty minute hysterectomy, succinylcholine was given for intubation, and pancuronium was given for paralysis during the case. The patient remains apneic postoperatively.

1. What is your differential diagnosis?

2. What is your management?

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