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Oxylog Simulation

Created: 20/3/2005
The following presentation is designed in Flash. Use the navigation below to start the simulation. You will need Macromedia player to view the presentations and will be prompted to install it when you click on a link. The simulations are interactive and show you how to use the Oxylog Ventilator and are a maximum of 2 MB in size so please be patient if you have a slow connection!

 What's what on the Oxylog: this demonstration shows the various views of the Oxylog 2000 (size 855 Kb)

 Setting up the Oxylog: this demonstration shows you how to set-up the Oxylog 2000 from connecting the hoses to setting the defaults (size 2 MB).

 Simulation mode: this demonstration lets you turn on the Oxylog 2000 yourself and make changes to the ventilator- have a play mode! (size 2 MB)

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