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Advanced bleeding care

Created: 14/8/2006
Updated: 17/1/2009

ABC Slide Library

Click here for a larger pictureThe European Medical Education Initiative on Advanced Bleeding Care (ABC) was founded in 2003 with the aim of developing a curriculum for high quality medical education in the area of advanced bleeding care for anaesthesiologists, intensive care specialists and other medical specialists that treat critically bleeding patients.

The approach of the ABC Medical Education Initiative Faculty was to prepare a curriculum presented as a slide library, which will provide a high quality pool of educational content. This slide library aims to present bleeding care for daily practice, the “state-of-the-art” as well as foreseeable future developments in bleeding care.
Specialists from different European countries were involved in the development of this slide library and will be involved in the adaptation and modification of the content to meet the specific needs of educational activities on the national level in 2004.
The slide library is divided into several modules, each with several subtopics. The method with which the educational slide library has been developed and the quality of the content is in agreement with existing regulations for continuing medical education (CME), which allows for the submission of single, specific educational activities (workshops, seminars) for CME certification to the respective certifying authority in a given country or region.
Please note some of the slides in this library discuss the use of agents that may not yet be approved in your country for the applications described.
The ABC Faculty, the Grantor and the Sponsor assume no responsibility for the unauthorised use of unapproved agents or applications described in this slide library.


The bleeding care library is built in flash. Click the link below to access the slide library. 

 Access Advanced bleeding care presentation slide library (higher resolution)

 Advanced bleeding care library for 800 x 600 resolution (low resolution)


Interactive MCQ examination

We have developed a new interactive mcq examination to complement the ABC slide library. Login to our exam centre and select the exams titled 'ABC Coagulation'.

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