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Primary OSCE 28

Created: 21/9/2005

1. Resuscitation
You are asked to resuscitate an adult and complete an asystole algorithm.

2. Equipment check
You are asked to check the anaesthetic machine and identify any faults (including: no spare O2 cylinder, half empty cylinder, no blanking plug in CO2 cylinder, vaporiser empty, no O ring).

3. Statistics
You are presented with a graph showing a positive skewed distribution.
Answer 10 questions on this.

4. Chest X-ray
Answer 10 questions on this.

5. Clinical
You are presented with an adult trauma case; describe the features of a tension pneumothorax and its management.

6. Hazards
Discuss electrical safety.

7. Equipment
- Demonstrate the use of a peripheral nerve stimulator.
- Identify the patterns obtained and describe the patterns of stimulation.
- What happens during a depolarising and a non-depolarising block?

8. Anaesthetics
Answer 12 questions on inhalational agents.

9. Equipment
You are shown a diagram of a rotameter and asked 10 questions.

10. Trauma
Answer 10 questions about spinal cord transection.

11. Examination
Carry out an examination of a pregnant patient.

12. Communication
Speak to a mother whose son has experienced suxamethonium apnoea.

13 Anatomy
You are shown the base of a skull. Answer various anatomical questions, mainly on the trigeminal nerve.

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