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Final clinical short case 15

Created: 4/10/2005
1. You see a 24-year-old woman with antenatal haemorrhage while in labour.
Discuss the causes and management.

2. You are presented with a case of acromegaly. Discuss the problems of airway management, postoperative care and other associated issues.

3. You see a patient who has undergone a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Discuss the issues regarding the use of pneumoperitoneum.

4. Discuss the causes and physiology of pneumothorax.

5. Discuss the mechanisms of action of the different classes of anti-hypertensive agents. What are their respective side-effects?

6. Describe the metabolic pathway of bilirubin and how this can lead to jaundice.
What investigations would you carry out?

7. Discuss the pathophysiology of pre- and post-hepatic causes of jaundice.

8. Discuss laminar/turbulent flow and its clinical relevance to anaesthesia.

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