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Final clinical short case 16

Created: 24/11/2005
1 You are anaesthetising a child for circumcision.
- Discuss how you would carry out a penile block, including details of the method, doses used and nerve roots to be blocked.
- Discuss how you would carry out a caudal block, including the method, doses used , postoperative analgesia and route of administration of analgesia.

2. How would you assess the severity of a burn?
- Discuss timing of intubation.
- Discuss the method of intubation you would use.

3. You are to perform a laparoscopic cholycystectomy on a man with right bundle branch block on ECG.
-Interpret the patient’s ECG.
-What is the significance of this condition to his current surgery?
- Discuss the cardiovascular changes that occur with a pneumoperitoneum.

4. Discuss the following aspects of lasers:
- Their mechanisms of action
- The various types
- Safety issues
- Precautions

5. Discuss the anatomy of the sciatic nerve, including: Nerve roots, course, branches
- Discuss the following blocks, including use of the nerve stimulator:
- Femoral nerve block
- Three-in-one block
- Obturator nerve block

6. Discuss the following:
- Drug tolerance
- Drug dependence
- Opiate dependence (including how to deal with intravenous drug addicts)
- Opiate withdrawal

7. Concerning the pulmonary artery catheter:
- Draw a trace
- Discuss the uses
- Discuss measurements and causes of inaccuracies
- Cardiac output measurement

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