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Final basic sciences short case 10

Created: 27/6/2006
Updated: 27/6/2006
1. Discuss the physical principles underlying haemofiltration and haemodialysis.
- What are the qualities of an ideal membrane?
- What factors affect the amount of fluid you can remove from a patient?
- What else, besides metabolic toxin removal, can haemofiltration be used for?
- What are the complications of haemodialysis?

2. Describe the innervation of the inguinal area.
- How would you perform a block?

3. What are the physical properties of nitrous oxide?
- How is it made?
- What is the second gas effect?
- What are the advantages and disadvantages of using nitrous oxide?

4. Discuss the physiology of muscle contraction (including the interaction of actin and myosin).
- Discuss the incidence, genetics, features, and reasons for muscle features of myotonia.

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