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Miscellaneous anatomy

Created: 23/10/2006
Updated: 8/1/2007

Somatic levels of visceral afferents

Organ Sympathetics Parasympathetics
Heart T1-5 X
Lungs T2-4 X
Oesophagus T5-6 X
Stomach T6-10 X
Liver, gallbladder T6-10 X
Pancreas, spleen T6-10 X
Small bowel T9-10 X
Large bowel T11-12 X to mid transverse
Kidney, ureter T10-L2 X, S2-4
Adrenal T8-L1 None
Gonads T10-11 S2-4
Bladder T11-L2 S2-4
Prostate T11-L1 S2-4
Uterus T10-L1 S2-4

 Kindly provided by Dr James Mitchell from his pharmacodynamics series

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