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Primary Viva 18 (Pharmacology)

Created: 8/1/2007
1. Draw plasma concentration-time curves for intravenous, intramuscular and oral morphine.
2. How could these curves be modified to provide information about the drug?
3. What are the definitions of half-life and time constant?
- Show on one of your graphs how these values can be measured.
4. What is the definition of clearance?
5. What other information can be derived from these graphs?
6. What are the equations for calculating clearance and concentration of a drug at specific time points?
7. What is the definition of bioavailability?
8. What sort of graph is produced when the log of the x-axis is plotted against the log of the y-axis?
9. What is the mechanism of action of general anaesthetics?
10. What is the Overton-Meyer relationship?
11. What theory was proposed by Frank and Lieb?
12. Discuss the nature and role of phospholipids and integral membrane proteins in general anaesthesia.
13. Discuss the structure and mechanism of action of GABA receptors.
14. Discuss the structure and mechanism of action of NMDA receptors.

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