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Freeman et al. Systematic review of tracheostomy technique. Chest 2000

Created: 16/5/2007

Paper type

Systematic review and meta-analysis


Freeman BD, Isabella K, Lin N, Buchman TG.
A meta-analysis of prospective trials comparing percutaneous and surgical tracheostomy in critically ill patients.
Chest 2000; 118(5):1412-8.

Major Finding

There are currently only a limited number of small studies prospectively evaluating percutneous dilatational tracheostomy (PDT) and surgical tracheostomy. This meta-analysis suggests a potential advantage of PDT relative to surgical tracheostomy, including ease of performance, and lower incidence of peristomal bleeding and postoperative infection.

Point for discussion:

If confirmed by additional, adequately powered prospective trials, do these findings support PDT as the procedure of choice for the establishment of elective tracheostomy in the appropriately selected critically ill?

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