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Nava et al. Pre-emptive NIV post extubation. CCM 2005

Created: 16/5/2007

Paper type

Randomised controlled trial


Nava S, Gregoretti C, Fanfulla F, Squadrone E et al.
Noninvasive ventilation to prevent respiratory failure after extubation in high-risk patients.
Crit Care Med 2005; 33: 2465-2470

Major Finding

In ICU patients at risk of failure following extubation use of non-invasive ventilation following extubation, compared to standard therapy, reduces the need for re-intubation (NNT= 6). There was no effect on ICU mortality or ICU length of stay.

Point for discussion:

In patients deemed 'high risk' of requiring reintubation, is this trial sufficient evidence for the use of NIV as a pre-emptive, preventative measure following extubation?

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