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Primary OSCE 37

Created: 23/5/2007
1. History taking
Take a history from a patient who is generally fit but has suffered a road traffic accident a few years ago, which involved admission to the intensive care unit. The patient is unsure of what happened. He regularly smokes cannabis.

2. Examination
Demonstrate how to assess peripheral pulses, blood pressure and venous pressure.

3. Anatomy
Discuss the anatomy of the heart.

4. Safety
Discuss the electrical hazards of diathermy.

5. Statistics
What is the Bland-Altmann plot?

6. Skills
Demonstrate how to perform an epidural.

7. Safety
Discuss the hazards associated with lasers.

8. Communication
A female drug addict who is now on methadone appears to be very worried; find out her concerns.

9. X-ray
You are asked to interpret a cervical X-ray showing a large goitre and tracheal deviation.

10. History taking
Take a history from an elective patient presenting for sterilisation. There is a history of cough, jaundice and night sweats, and the patient used to be an intravenous drug abuser.

11. Equipment
Assemble a Bain circuit.
- Why is the capnograph tubing of narrow bore?
- Why is it placed behind the filter?
- You are shown some capnograph traces and asked to interpret them.

12. Equipment
What safety features are in place to avoid delivery of a hypoxic gas mixture?

13. Resuscitation
You are asked to resuscitate a simulator manikin.

14. Resuscitation
Demonstrate how you would resuscitate a person who has been rescued from drowning.
- Discuss the management of supraventricular tachycardia/atrial fibrillation.

15. Equipment
Precordial stethoscope: discuss its use and function.

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