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Final basic sciences short case 12

Created: 26/10/2007
1. Rotameters
- What are rotameters?
- How do you calibrate them?
- Why are there different rotameters for different gases?
- What are the problems/causes of inaccuracy associated with rotameters?
- What are the safety features in the anaesthetic machine to prevent the delivery of a hypoxic mixture?

2. Remifentanil
- Discuss the pharmacokinetics/dynamics of remifentanil.
- What is context-sensitive half-life?
- What are the problems/advantages associated with use of this drug?
- When do you use it?
- Why should a patient not be given high-dose morphine initially?

3. Physiological changes associated with pregnancy
- What are the changes in the airway, breathing, circulation and coagulation in pregnancy?
- How would you manage a difficult airway in pregnancy?
- What problems might you encounter carrying out a nasal intubation in a pregnant woman?

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