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Primary OSCE 43

Created: 19/5/2008
Updated: 4/7/2008
1. Equipment
You are shown a selection of filters: epidural filters, heat and moisture exchanging filters, a filter in a standard blood-giving set.
- What are the pore sizes of each?
- Discuss other features of these filters.

2. Regional anaesthesia
Demonstrate how you would carry out a supraclavicular nerve block.

3. Regional anaesthesia
Demonstrate how you would carry out a caudal block in a 5-year old child.
- Where does the dura end?
- What would your specific discharge criteria be?
- Describe the anatomy of the sacral canal.

4. Anatomy
Discuss the anatomy of the heart.

5. Examination
How would you examine a head-injured patient?

6. Equipment
Describe the mechanism of action of rotameters.

7. Communication
Explain "can't intubate" protocol to a new anaesthetic assistant.

8. Data interpretation
You are shown a capnography trace and asked to interpret it.
- How does it follow arterial pCO2?

9. Equipment
You are shown a laryngoscopy view.
- What grade is it?
- How would you use the bougie?

10. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate how you would treat anaphylaxis in a simulator manikin.

11. Resuscitation
How would you treat cardiac arrest following laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

12. Data interpretation
You are shown and asked to interpret pulmonary artery catheter traces.

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