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Primary Viva 26 (Physics)

Created: 7/11/2008
1. You are shown a diagram of electrical symbols
– Name these symbols
– What is a diode?
– What is an inductor?
– What is a capacitor?
– Discuss defibrillators and draw the circuit diagram.

2. You are shown pictures of two-point calibration curves; discuss the interpretation of values outside of the range.

3. Discuss diathermy frequencies and microshock.
– You are shown pictures of poor patient positioning; discuss the safety features of a diathermy machine.
– What is an isolating capacitor? Draw the circuit diagram.

4. What is the relationship between current and voltage? (Ohm’s law).
– What is work?

5. How is CO2 measured in the co-oximeter?
– Describe the principles of the CO2 electrode and explain the problems with measurement.

6. You are shown a picture of a Rubens valve. How does it work and what happens if a patient inspires?

7. You are shown a picture of an Ambu bag.
– Discuss its design features and explain how it works.
– What are the differences between adult and paediatric versions?

8. Discuss the features of laryngeal mask airway, and its technical specifications.

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