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Primary OSCE 45

Created: 10/12/2008
1. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate how you would manage anaphylaxis.

2. Chest X-ray
You are asked to interpret a chest X-ray showing white-out on the left side.

3. History taking
Take a history from a 6-year-old child who has inhaled a peanut.
- Answer 10 true/false questions.

4. Equipment
You are shown a picture of flow meters and asked some questions about them:
- What are their sources of error?
- What are their principles of action?
- How accurate are they?

5. Resuscitation
How would you resuscitate a patient with pulseless electrical activity?

6. History taking
Take a history from a woman presenting for total abdominal hysterectomy, whose sister has malignant hyperthermia.

7. Communication
Explain a failed intubation drill to a new operating department practitioner.

8. Equipment check
You are asked to check various pieces of equipment for intubation, including an endotracheal tube, Magills forceps and a Guedel airway.
- You are asked some questions about the equipment.

9. Anatomy
Discuss the anatomy of the heart.

10. Skills
Explain the supraclavicular approach to brachial plexus nerve block, using an actor to demonstrate.

11. Resuscitation
Assess the conscious level of a patient brought into Accident & Emergency, using the Glasgow coma scale and the AVPU (alert, responds to vocal stimuli, responds to pain, unresponsive) scores.

12. Equipment
You are shown a collection of filters (blood, normal giving set, epidural, etc) and asked questions about their sizes and what they filter.

13. ECG
You are shown an ECG demonstrating atrial flutter and asked to answer 10 true/false questions.

14. Examination
You are asked to demonstrate intubation and assess grades of view on a manikin

15. Anatomy
Discuss the anatomy of the sacrum and how you would perform a caudal block.

16. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret a capnograph trace and answer some questions about it.

17. Equipment check
You are asked to check an oxygen analyser which has the following faults: it contains no batteries, there is a missing O ring and there is a missing Bodok seal.

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