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Primary OSCE 46

Created: 15/1/2009
1. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the orbit.
- Describe the technique for performing a peribulbar block.

2. Anatomy
You are shown a cross-section of the spinal cord and various ascending and descending tracts and asked to identify them.
- What constitutes the gray matter?
- You are shown pictures of ganglia and tracts coming out of the spinal cord and asked to name them.

3. History taking
Take a history from an ASA 1 patient presenting for a dental operation.

4. History taking
Take a history from a woman with a history of a "weak heart" in childhood.

5. Resuscitation
Demonstrate the safe use of a defibrillator and the management of supraventricular tachycardia.

6. Equipment
You are shown a picture of a temperature probe and asked questions about various methods of measuring temperature and their working principles.

7. ECG
Discuss the CM5 configuration and other ECG monitoring and diagnostic modes.

8. Equipment
Check a circle system.

9. Simulator manikin
An intubated patient in the Accident and Emergency Department starts to desaturate. What would you do?
- Demonstrate how you would manage a tension pneumothorax.

10. Data interpretation
You are shown an image of a skull on a computer screen with a frontal fracture passing through the orbit.
- Would it affect his olfactory senses?
- Would he need prolonged ventilatory support?

11. Hazards
You are shown a picture of an anaesthetised patient with unprotected eyes.
- What is the significance of this?
- How might the eyes be damaged?

12. Communication
Reassure a woman presenting for labour analgesia who is worried about postdural puncture headache after epidural.

13. Monitoring
How would you clinically assess the central venous pressure on a patient?
- You are asked questions about various components of the jugular venous pressure waveform.

14. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate insertion of a laryngeal mask airway (LMA) on a manikin.
- What are the contraindications for using the LM

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