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Final clinical short case 24

Created: 3/2/2009
1. A patient presents for repair of a recurrent inguinal hernia; he has end-stage renal failure and is on dialysis.
- How would you anaesthetise him?
- Why would you need to know the cause of his renal failure?
- His preoperative haemoglobin was 8 g/dl; would you transfuse him?
- Would you perform spinal anaesthesia?

2. A 5-year-old child presents with bleeding tonsils.
- How would you manage the patient?
(Discuss resuscitation, assessment of volaemic status, airway oedema, anaesthetic technique)
- How would you assess blood loss?
- How would you assess urine output?
- Are children catheterised in your hospital in recovery?
- Why would you give him 3 mg/kg thiopentone?
- Do you think he will be easy to anaesthetise?

3. Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of tension pneumothorax.

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