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Primary OSCE 47

Created: 25/3/2009
1. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the heart, including the layers, blood supply, venous drainage and sites of nodes.

2. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the spine, including the pedicles, laminae, the axis and the atlas.

3. Equipment
Carry out an anaesthetic machine check.

4. History taking
Take a history from a man presenting for transurethral resection of the prostate with a history of chronic obstructive airways disease and hypertension.

5. History taking
Take a history from a girl presenting for varicose vein surgery.

6. Communication
Reassure a very anxious patient having been brought down to reception preoperatively.

7. Equipment
You are asked some questions about vaporisers.

8. Equipment
Describe the working principles of the Severinghaus electrode.

9. Resuscitation
A patient develops ventricular tachycardia while in recovery.
- What drugs would you give?

10. Simulator manikin
A patient is hypoxic postoperatively in the intensive care unit, as the tube is misplaced (endobronchial). Demonstrate how you would manage this.

11. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret blood results (diabetic ketoacidosis is present)

12. Chest X-ray
You are asked to interpret the chest X-ray in a young man with pigeon fanciers’ lung, who is on steroids.

13. Statistics
You are show some regression/correlation graphs and asked to comment on them.

14. Hazards
Describe the checks that should be carried out before transfusing blood.

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