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Primary OSCE 48

Created: 29/5/2009
1. Resuscitation
Describe the resuscitation algorithm.

2. History taking
Take a history from a patient with unstable angina presenting for cataract removal.

3. Hazards
Diathermy and electrical safety: assess the safety of various circuit diagrams.

4. Communication
Explain malignant hyperthermia to an operating department assistant.

5. Equipment
Assemble a Bain circuit.
- Answer questions on gas sampling and capnography traces.

6. Skills
Demonstrate how to administer an epidural.

7. Data interpretation
You are shown some pulmonary artery wedge pressure traces and asked to interpret them.

8. Chest X-ray
You are asked to interpret a Chest X-ray showing a globular heart.

9. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret a peak expiratory flow rate trace from a patient with fibrotic lung disease.

10. Examination
You are asked to carry out a respiratory examination.

11. Simulator manikin
Assess pulse, blood pressure and heart sounds.

12. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the spinal cord.
- What are the consequences of hemisection?

13. Equipment
Discuss the working principles of O2 analysers, and label some diagrams.

14. Skills
Demonstrate how to change a tracheostomy tube.

15. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the base of the skull, cribriform plate and supraorbital fissure.
- Discuss Le Fort fractures and their consequences.
- Describe how you would perform a peribulbar block.

16. Simulator manikin
Demonstrate rapid sequence induction on a manikin.

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