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Primary OSCE 49

Created: 28/10/2009
1. Anatomy
Neck section manikin: Asked questions about the cricoid cartilage, cricoid pressure, and how to perform a cricothyroidotomy.

2. Equipment
You are shown some diagrams of a diathermy machine and asked questions relating to it.

3. Anatomy
You are shown a cut section through a spinal cord. Describe the blood supply, nerve tracts and functions.

4. Examination
Carry out an examination of the respiratory system.

5. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the base of the skull.
- What anatomical structures pass through the cribriform plate?
- Name some clinically related problems.

6. Resuscitation
You are asked questions about a patient who has collapsed in hospital.
- You are asked about the ventricular fibrillation algorithm, etc.

7. Chest X-ray
You are asked to interpret a chest X-ray showing mitral stenosis and asked questions relating to it.

8. Simulator manikin
You are asked to carry out a cardiovascular examination and identify a systolic murmur.
- You are also asked to interpret an ECG showing left ventricular hypertrophy.

9. Equipment
You are asked about the epidural syringe for latex allergy
- What problems are associated with insertion of this syringe?
- What are the complications of epidurals?

10. History taking
A pregnant lady presents for surgery; take a history related to pain relief.

11. Clinical measurement
You are shown three pictures showing techniques of oxygen measurement; compare these techniques and answer related questions.

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