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Final basic sciences short case 18

Created: 26/2/2010
1. Describe the arterial supply and venous drainage of the hand.
- What is Allen’s test?
- What are the sites for arterial cannulation?
- What are the pros and cons of brachial cannulation?

2. Describe the ways in which a patient can become hypoxic.
- Is a low cardiac output helpful or detrimental?
- How should hypoxia be managed in this situation?

3. What is Virchov’s triad?
- What are the NICE guidelines for DVT prophylaxis?
- Name the anti-platelet drugs that you know.

4. Discuss techniques for decontamination, sterilisation etc.
- Name the items on a difficult airway trolley, and explain how each of them is processed.
- What is CJD, how is it transmitted and how do we remove it from our equipment?

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