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Primary OSCE 53

Created: 20/7/2010
1. History
Take a history from a man attending for wisdom teeth extraction with porphyria.

2. Anaesthetic machine check
You are asked to check the anaesthetic machine and identify any faults (no pipeline supply, an empty O2 cylinder, no seal under the vaporiser).

3. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret a series of arterial blood gas results in an acute asthmatic.

4. Data interpretation
You are shown a graph showing linear regression/correlation and asked to interpret it.

5. Data interpretation
You are asked to interpret a vitalograph in a patient with mixed airways disease.

6. Chest X-ray
You are shown a chest X-ray showing left ventricular failure with cardiomegaly.

7. Anatomy
You are shown a cross-section of the spinal cord and asked to identify the ascending pathways.

8. Examination
Carry out an examination of a pregnant woman presenting for Caesarean section.

9. Anatomy
Describe the anatomy of the ribs, including the neurovascular bundle, first rib – insertions/relations.

10. History
Take a history from elderly woman with hypertension presenting for hysterectomy. She is anaemic secondary to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and has been having dizzy spells.

11. Simulator manikin
You are asked to take over the case of a patient in whom the ECG trace shows ST depression and ventricular ectopics; what would you do?.

12. Resuscitation
A patient presents with postoperative asystolic arrest and likely intra-abdominal blood loss. Describe your management.

13. Skills
You are asked to perform a tracheostomy change on the ITU; talk through the steps you would take.

12. Equipment
Describe the use and function of the oesophageal stethoscope.

13. Electrical safety
You are asked to identify some symbols, and are asked about earthing.

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